Geneticists in Healthcare

Geneticists in Healthcare is an Organization for geneticists working in the healthcare field in Finland. It is a registered Organization that is called in Finnish Terveydenhuoltoalan Geneetikot, TG for short.

From the beginning of year 2014 TG joined LAL (the Trade Organization of The Finnish Union of Experts in Science). In 2017 TG joined the newly established Union Loimu (The Union of Professionals in Natural, Environmental and Forestry Sciences). Please visit the Loimu webpages for more detailed information in English:

TG has circa 80 members throughout Finland. Many of the members are Clinical Laboratory Geneticists and CLG Trainees working mainly in university hospitals while others work in different universities, hospitals as well as private sector in Genetics.

The aim of our Organization is to educate the affiliates and introduce new technologies and applications as well as provide networking possibilities for the members. We have two meetings annually which typically consists of a seminar and/or a visit to a different laboratory or a place of interest.

TG is an active Organization of Finnish Geneticists and we welcome all the Geneticist members of Loimu working in the field of Healthcare to join us!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Thank you!

Kati Pulkkinen, Secretary
tel: +358 44 7178623